What is CIntelligence?

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The Difference - ETL Evolved

CIntelligence** is a universal data repository product that rethinks data preparation and accumulation, delivering reporting and analytics-ready data to the business user via a constant data structure.  CIntelligence inherits some concepts from current world leader Data Warehousing practices (Kimball and Inmon), and applies the patented methodology on top of these to expose data in ways never before seen.

**Patent pending AU2016900704

The Value Add

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

  • reduction in toolsets, man hours and skilled personnel  required to get data to the business user

Shorter development cycles when extending the platform, or adding new data

  • constant repository design accepts all data, with its context, regardless of its source

  • data preparation occurs before load , in 'near real-time'  (data is available to the business user immediately on entry into the repository)

Enhanced self-service experience

  • constant, familiar data structure

  • simplified/customised field descriptions

Strong data governance

  • 'dirty' records are rejected before repository entry, ensuring data management and repair at the source

Field-level protection and security

  • data secured and protected to a field level